SleepIn FÆNGSLET is a unique opportunity for enjoying a stay behind bars.

The old infirmary unit has been thoroughly restored to fullfill the demands there are for housing guests. But the authenticity is not to be mistaken. Among other things SleepIn FÆNGSLET has kept the old radi- os from the cells, and statements on the walls are still visible in several places.

SleepIn FÆNGSLET has 22 rooms (cells) with room from1-4 pax. in each cell.

There is wheelchair access to SleepIn FÆNGSLET, incl. 2 wheelchair accessible double bedrooms. Furthermore there is also handicap accessible shower and WC facilities.

A stay at SleepIn FÆNGSLET could very well be combined with other offers and events at FÆNGSLET. For more information, please visit

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Fussingsvej 8
8700 Horsens


+45 7610 0011


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