Nørrestrand is a wildlife refuge and reservation. More than half of the bird species in Denmark have been seen by Nørrestrand. It is a fresh water sea, which is connected with Horsens Fjord by Sundet.

It is assumed the area has been inhabited since the Stone Age as compost heaps and flint tools have been found discovered. It is also here that Denmark’s oldest domesticated horse was found. Today, Nørrestrand is an important recreational area.

The pathways are often used, and it is a great area to run, ride bicycles and walk your dog in. As mentioned, Nørrestrand is a wildlife refuge and reservation.

In the area you often meet roe deer, and by Lindskov Knude you can observe the varied bird life from an observation tower.The area is trimmed naturally and mechanically to ensure the plants don’t run wild. During the summer, cows graze on the slopes. They are very curious and friendly, so it will probably be you rather than them who has to move when passing each other.

George Rasmussens Vej
Nordre Strandvej
8700 Horsens

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Rønnevej 27
8700 Horsens


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