Into the wild 3 - Eyes on the sea

Dive into Kattegat for a day, or maybe more. The island Endelave awaits at the end of a 1 hour ferry ride from Snaptun, with lovely sandy beaches, idyllic relaxation, medical herbs and, not to mention, an active island adventure for all the family. Always close to the sea and sky - and right in the middle of Denmark.

This is one of the top holiday destinations for groups, if you are planning a day trip off the beaten track, to one of the lesser known areas of Denmark, where the nature speaks for itself!

Suggested itinerary:

Sail from Snaptun to Endelave, while enjoying breakfast at the sun deck.

Bike trip around the island. We recommend that you bike to Øvre. - the top of the island.

Lunch and a guided tour at Endelave herb gardens. Combine the visit with a tour of The Herb Route, before you return.

Sail back to the mainland/Snaptun, and enjoy coffee and cake on the ferry.

Please note that these times are examples only, and that they are not valid all days of the week. Make sure that you check the Endelave Ferry's itinerary carefully, when planning your trip.

Read more about the many attractions which await you in the area on
"The island Endelave"


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