Into the wild 2 - Horsens Fjord

Opportunities await around Horsens Fjord, especially because the Fjord continues all the way in to Horsens city centre. Stunning nature can be perfectly combined with city comforts, interesting museums, café's and shopping. - for more information, see "Attractions in the centre"

Focusing on attractions in nature, we recommend the following activities.

Suggestion 1: The beautiful gardens at Boller Castle, with its thousands of flowers, lies close to the southern side of Horsens Fjord. A relaxing oasis and the perfect place for a picnic in the park, still in close vicinity to Horsens.
The Boller path leads directly to the garden's entrance and the journey can easily be made on foot - while enjoying views of the fjord. Alternatively, follow the Planet Path from Horsens city out to Boller Castle, if you are up for a longer walk, or maybe a bike trip. - see Boller Castle and the Planet Path.

Suggestion 2: Husodde, on the northern side of the fjord, offers both lovely bike and hiking trails, as well as golf and miniature golf right next to the fjord.

Suggestion 3: last, but not least, you can let the journey take you to either Snaptun on the south side, or all the way out to Alrø on the north side of the fjord.

Depending on time and distances, these trips can be planned as car/bus journeys or as bike trips, and they can be combined with lunch either in Horsens or on Alrø.

Read more about many interesting attractions and dining opportunities in the area under "Around Horsens Fjord".

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