Tour suggestion 1 - Nature and culture

The soft rolling landscape around Mossø is good for the soul. Here you an spend many a long hour in the forest and by the lake, canoeing on the river, Gudenåen, or hike up the hill, Sukkertoppen and enjoy stunning views from the top.

This is one of the areas top destinations for groups, where nature attractions can be combined with a nice lunch and an interesting insight into local products, culture and history.

Suggestions for itinerary:

Hiking and cultural history in the area around Klostermølle and Sukkertoppen.

Lunch at, for instance, Pejsegården or Rødspætten -Det lille Røgeri, or bring a packed picnic basket and eat in the barn at Klostermølle. Please note, that there are tables and benches available in the barn, next to the parking lot, and that picnic baskets for larger parties can be ordered in advance.

Shop delicious local specialties at Voervadsbro Torvehal.

For more information about this area, see

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