Guided tours at the Uncovered Bridge

Guided tours at the Uncovered Bridge

Larger groups can book a tour of the Uncovered Bridge and/or the Vestbirk Hydroelectric Plant. Please contact the Tourist Information Center in Brædstrup on Tel. +45 40 26 75 10 or +45 40 59 86 43.

About the Uncovered Bridge:

The Municipality of Horsens has acquired a special tourist attraction of great cultural and historic value. The 13.4 meter tall steel grid bridge from 1899 that was built across the Gudenå creek as part of the private railway from Horsens to Bryrup.

It was hidden in 1925 within a dam structure but once again discovered during preparations of a plan of action favoring the aquatic environment in 2013.

When the privately owned, narrow-gauge railway bridge was constructed in 1899, it led across the broad and roaring Gudenå. At its time it was the tallest steel grid bridge in Scandinavia. The project was done by the construction firm Hoffman, Hansen & Co. The bridge cost a neat total of 691.800 Dkr (104.139 USD) and was inaugurated on Saturday 22nd of April, 1899.

The trip between Horsens and Bryrup was an attraction. For 1.65 Dkr (0.25 USD) you could travel 3. class on ’Denmark’s most beautiful railway’. A trip took two hours and 15 minutes.

The recently established parking lot is situated on Vestbirkvej 2, Brædstrup. (If you are using GPS, it’s important to type in Brædstrup, if not you will end up in Østbirk).

From the parking lot it’s a short 300 meter walk to the bridge. For horseback riders a ford has been made. An alternative parking area is found on Søvejen 46. From here the trail leads west and passes a small bridge separating Vestbirk Lake (Vestbirk Sø) and Naldal Lake (Naldal Sø).

From this point the trip to the bridge is 1.8 km. If you’re up for it, it’s also possible to hike or go on bike past the old textile factory and the Vestbirk Hydroelectric Plant. The trip is about 3.7 km.

Do you wish to spend more days in the beautiful nature, overnight stays are available at the local camping sites.

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