Fishing in Horsens

Fishing at sea or in natural lakes

There are plenty of opportunities to spend a day at the water's edge in and around Horsens. The area offers varied fishing spots at lakes, rivers, fjord and sea.

In order to be able to fish in Denmark, you will need to obtain a valid fishing license, as well as comply with the rules and regulations, regarding fishing and preservation, which are relevant at your chosen fishing spot.

Horsens parkering Niclas Jessen

Parking in Horsens

You will find all parking areas, within Horsens city centre marked on Horsens City Map. 
For more information about the general parking rules in Denmark, see 

Canoeing on the river, Gudenåen.

A nice canoe trip down the river, Gudenåen, is a perfect way to experience the beautiful landscape, which surrounds the river from start to finish. The stretch of the river, which runs by Voervadsbro and Klostermølle, is said to be the prettiest part of the river, Gudenåen.

Camping in scenic surroundings

Life at a campsite is often associated with a laid back atmosphere and time to relax with each other. 
On this page, we have gathered information, about the very best campsites in the area, all of which are beautifully situated either by Horsens Fjord, Gudenåen, or Bygholm Lake.

The nicest hotels & hostels

In Horsens, you will find charming hotels/hostel in the city centre, and close to nature and parks. Choose your stay, among old historical buildings or new architectural gems. 

That's worth driving for!

Plenty of attractions await you, just a short drive away from Horsens city. On these pages, you will find our recommendations for nice restaurants and cosy farm shops, which are worth the drive.