The most popular biking and hiking routes

Horsens is also beautiful nature – From Horsens Fjord and coastal stretches in the east, to forests, hills and the river, Gudenåen, to the west.
Take in the scenic beauty at your own pace, on one of the area’s many bike and hiking routes.
Go experience the hilly terrain, which surrounds Klostermølle and Sukkertoppen, and enjoy the stunning views over the lake, Mossø, from the top of the hills.
Or go for a trip around Horsens Fjord – and bring your bike on the ferry between Snaptun and the island, Alrø. On bike, you can easily make it around the entire island in a day - but how about running, hiking or go roller-skating on the nature path, which runs all the way from Horsens to Silkeborg?
There are plenty of options – so take your pick.

Around Horsens Fjord

Horsens Fjord offers a multitude of lovely experiences. Why not explore the recreational landscape, immerse yourself in the city's culture or try one of the wonderful dining experiences?

Go for a hike up the hill, Sukkertoppen.

Or experience the prettiest part of the river, Gudenåen

Bygholm Lake and Park

Exercise routes, playground and much more...

Visit Fyelmose Nature and Fishing Park

Fyelmose Nature and Fishing Park

Take a timeout and enjoy the beautiful nature while you catch your own dinner. The park's three different lakes accomodates for families as well as novice, intermediate and professional anglers.