The Island Endelave

Endelave is one of Denmark’s finest islands when it comes to unspoilt nature 

Explore Endelave and experience a cosy, authentic island with lots of wild rabbits, a scenic landscape with great beaches and medicinal herbs.

Endelave has an outstanding wealth of plants, animals and different natural habitats. The island has unique tidal flats with a rich birdlife and wildlife, there is a large deciduous forest, a seal colony and not least lots of wild rabbits, which the island has become famous for. On Endelave you will find much of the nature Denmark has to offer. 

Endelave Medicinal Herb Garden

Visit the medicinal herb garden and explore the healing herbs, which grow wild on Endelave, as well as the cultivated medicinal plants, which used to be grown in both gardens and monasteries. 

Herb route on the island Endelave

Pick wild herbs on the island, and learn how to make your own herbal aquavit at Endelave Medicinal Herb Garden

Øvre - the tip of the island Endelave

Take a bicycle ride to Øvre, the tip of Endelave, and enjoy the unspoiled nature, lovely beaches and rich plant life.

Endelave Ferry

Take the ferry to Endelave and relax as the captain takes you safely to shore. In 2018 the ferry tickets are half price in week 19 to 26 and 33 to 35.

Active Island Holiday

During the summer holiday, you can enjoy a series of free, fun and physical activities on Endelave. It is for everyone who like to join - young and old, visitors and locals.

Around Horsens Fjord

Horsens Fjord offers a multitude of lovely experiences. Why not explore the recreational landscape, immerse yourself in the city's culture or try one of the wonderful dining experiences?

Skippergården B&B

If you visit Endelave, why not stay the night and relax in one of Skippergården’s comfortable rooms?