Canoeing on the river, Gudenåen.

A nice canoe trip down the river, Gudenåen, is a perfect way to experience the beautiful landscape, which surrounds the river from start to finish. The stretch of the river, which runs by Voervadsbro and Klostermølle, is said to be the prettiest part of the river, Gudenåen.

Along the river, there are plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the scenery. Dock your canoe at Voervadsbro, and supply yourself with delicious local specialties from Voervadsbro Torvehal and Det Lille Røgeri.

Or let the stream carry you on to Sukkertoppen and Klostermølle. Here you can stretch your legs, and go for a hike op the hill, Sukkertoppen, where you will be rewarded with stunning views of the lake, Mossø, the river, Gudenåen and the rolling hills of the surrounding lake lands.

Next to Sukkertoppen is Klostermølle, the old mill where you will find overnight shelters and as well as a long and interesting history. See for instance the old drying barn, which was used when the place functioned as a paper mill and hear the tales about the old Mill.

Canoe rental
You can rent a canoe here:

Gudenåcamping Brædstrup

Vestbirk Camping

How far can you travel in a canoe pr. day?
A full day’s journey in a canoe is 15-20 km. Here are some approximate distances on the river, Gudenåen:

Tørring – Åstedbro: 15 km
Åstedbro – Brestenbro: 6 km
Brestenbro – Vestbirk Vandkraftstation: 7 km
Vestbirk Vandkraftstation – Voervadsbro: 7 km
Voervadsbro – Klostermølle/Mossø: 6 km
Klostermølle – Ry: 10 km

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Sukkertoppen at Mossø

Sukkertoppen Mossø