Around Horsens Fjord

Sand, sun and saltwater and a row of alluring attractions in town.
In the area around Horsens fjord, you’ll find memories and experiences, which last much longer than your holiday. Horsens city is situated at the end of the fjord, a short bike ride from the lovely marina.
Horsens Fjord is life at sea, biking holiday, nature, fresh air, and much more. The best part is that you can enjoy these attractions, whenever you want.
Actually, the hardest part is to choose between them. We would love to help you with that – you can start right here…
For more attractions and excursions – see “Nature attractions”.

Beaches and bathing lakes

With both good recreational beaches and lovely bathing lakes, Horsens offers several great bathing opportunities for water lovers.

Download a map of Horsens Fjord

Get a map and read about everything you can see and do along Horsens Fjord - from cycling routes and islands to activities and accommodation.

The bike ferry - Alrø-Hjarnø-Snaptun

From 5 May to 30 Aug. you can sail with the bike ferry from Alrø to Hjarnø and Snaptun and ride your bike all the way around Horsens Fjord.


Restaurants and cafés we recommend

In and around Horsens, you’ll find a variety of cafés and restaurants, which serve something for every taste. On these pages you’ll find a list of places we recommend in alphabetical order. 

Classic Danish cuisine

Explore traditional Danish cuisine, where the dinner courses are compiled by lots of meat, potatoes and gravy in different variations.