The bicycle ferry between Alrø-Snaptun

Get a scenic island experience on the inlet of Horsens Fjord. Try the charming bicycle-ferry from Snaptun via Hjarnø to Alrø, when you want to explore the area. When using the bicycle-ferry, you can ride your bike all the way around the inlet of Horsens Fjord - but naturally, walking visitors are also more than welcome. 

The bicycle ferry carries both foot passengers and bicycles between Snaptun - Hjarnø - Alrø all summer.

Beautiful scenery and wonderful cycle paths – and shoppers can enjoy some great opportunities in the “Eastern Jutland Archipelago”.

The ferry carries a maximum of 12 passengers. 

Online booking

To ensure seats please please book your ticket here minimum two hours before departure

Ticket incl. bicycle DKK 75,-
Children 0-3 years old: Free 

5/5 - 29/6 Weekends
30/6 -12/8 All days
13/8 - 30/9 Weekends

Time table
Departure from Snaptun Harbour, 
Snaptun Strandvej, 7130 Juelsminde
10.10 a.m. (via Hjarnø 10.30 a.m.)
3.20 p.m. (via Hjarnø 4.00 p.m.)

Departure from Alrø’s southern point, Alrøvej, 8300 Odder
11.30 a.m. (via Hjarnø 12.30 p.m.)
4.30 p.m. (via Hjarnø 5.10 p.m.)

Transit time is about 25 min.

You have the opportunity to stay on Hjarnø throughout the day and take an optional ferry departure back to Snaptun

See ferry schedule for the Hjarnø ferry.


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Snaptun Havn
Snaptun Strandvej
7130 Juelsminde


+45 75 60 21 20


  • Country of departure

    • Denmark
  • Ferry service includes

    • Bicycles



Longitude : 10.051982137
Latitude : 55.821943301