Nature attractions

Run, play, breathe. There are plenty of opportunities to find calm and quiet surroundings, conveniently close to the city, or be inspired to go for a half – or full day trip. In Horsens, nature is never far away.
Relax in the calm rolling forests surrounding the river, Gudenåen. There are plenty of trails crisscrossing the beautiful landscape, which are perfect for a bike ride. Or experience the simplicity of island lifestyle, as you watch your own reflection in the clear waters, surrounding the island, Endelave. On these pages, we give you some suggestions for attractions in the natural areas around Horsens. We hope that you will find something here, to suit your mood.

Visit Fyelmose Nature and Fishing Park

Fyelmose Nature and Fishing Park

Take a timeout and enjoy the beautiful nature while you catch your own dinner. The park's three different lakes accomodates for families as well as novice, intermediate and professional anglers.

The prettiest part of Gudenåen

Visit klostermølle and Sukkertoppen!

Spend a day on the island Endelave

Enjoy the fantastic scenery, medical herbs, clear bathing water and much more

Private accommodation?

Her finder du de bedste Bed & Breakfast steder i og omkring Horsens